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BEKORA GROUP OF COMMUNITY MINERS gives the World Wide retail investor the opportunity to purchase and hold physical gold and silver bullion. Exceptional gold mining and trading company located in the Bertoua, Eastern Region of Cameroon. If you are looking forward to invest in gold business in Africa in general and Cameroon in particular, BEKORA MINERS is is your perfect partner.

Buy Gold from 200 grams to 50 kgs in one shipment these days on the satisfactory charges for the best pleasant gold mined from CameroonBuying gold in Saudi Arabia from Africa is gold we sell in gold bars or nuggets mined from the richest gold mines in Cameroon. The distinctiveness of buying gold from Africa is because it’s now not dealt with as a large deal so there are not strict expenses of taxes levied on to it which makes us a nice source to your merchandise on sale. So in case you do jeweler commercial enterprise or need to have a store of a fee to your cash you then need this gold.

                     Buy gold in world-wide with all documentation

Much as we are selling gold within the United States and different international locations in Europe, in particular, the ones inside the United Nations organization doesn’t ascertain you that it’s also in Saudi Arabia so it need to no longer prevent you from investing in this beneficial business because it’s your price tag to wealth. Trading with us doesn’t involve 1/3 parties or brokers because we’re the actual dealers and we provide right documentation for our gold from the ministries of mining to legally provide legal ownership of the steel for your united states so there’s no danger.


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Gold Mining and Export

BEKORA MINERS are more than just a gold mining and export company but when it comes to this subject, we are one of the top key players with an impeccable reputation. We are glad to be at the forefront of the Cameroon mining industry. You can learn more about us or continue reading below to first of all gain a general insight about gold mining in Cameroon in general.

Cameroon is one of the few gold-rich countries in Africa that is keen to tap the rare natural resource and kick start its economy. Buy african gold

Currently, Cameroon gold is mainly mined by small-scale artisans. In fact, according to the government, the estimate of small-scale artisanal mining produced about 16,653 kgs of gold between 2010 and 2015.

Gold mining in Cameroon can be traced back to 1930 during the colonial administration. Records show that when it reached its peak (in the 1940s), gold mining contributed about 20{7395e368bfd7a9cdfbe644992fffb5137e346bd556ae0fa528d313a51a00e56f} of the country’s Gross Domestic Product.

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Fully Registered and Certified

BEKORA MINERS are a fully registered and certified gold miner in Cameroon. We are among the first gold mining companies to obtain a mining permit from the Ministry of Mines, industries and Technological Developments, abbreviated MINTMINES in French meaning “Ministere des Mines, de l’ Industrie
et du Developpement Technologique.” 

To enable a new client increase their level of trust in us during the first transaction and to separate ourselves from all the clandestine illegally operating gold miners in Cameroon, we provide our TAX ID NUMBER and BUSINESS LICENSE NUMBER for verification on the Ministry of Mines, industries and Technological Development verification page. Buy african gold

Apart from our legal status with the Ministry of Mines, industries and Technological Developments, we are equally associated with a number of bodies in Africa, especially in the CEMAC Region (Central African Economic and Monetary Community), as a whole and Cameroon in particular operating in fields related to gold mining and gold trading.

These include but are not limited to

  • Mining Federation of Cameroon (MFC)
  • Chambre de Commerece, d’Industrie, des Mines et de l’Artisanat du Cameroun (CCIMA)
  • Cameroon Mining Corporation (CMC)
  • West African Minerals Corporation (WAMC)


Specializing in the selling of Gold. Professionally and independently Certified, ensuring a trustworthy business Experience

Gold Diamond Copper Cathode africa is a leader in the dynamic field of selling gold. This company ensures and guarantees that every business deal, service and product has intergrity and excellence at its core. Motivated by newfound objective to become the largest independent seller of Gold in Africa. Buy african gold